Angel of G-d

The simplest code on the topic of G-d's Names was reported here in 2009 (figure is shown again below). The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, heh, is used throughout Jewish literature to denote Hashem (G-d), and in the figure this letter repeats 7 times, with skip of only 3, running through the place in Torah that contains several Names of G-d, all concentrated in one verse:

Figure 1

Subscriber Tim Brooks noticed the additional word, Angel, appearing in the adjacent column, which is highlighted in yellow, above.

Tim Brooks further discovered that one of the best meetings between Angel and Hashem contains an extension, creating a string of 7 heh's once again:

Figure 2

So Figure 1 "foretold" Figure 2.

Finding these 3 words in such close proximity as Figure 2 has probability near 1:50,000 (when compared to 500,000 "monkey texts", only 10 competitors were found that were at least as compact as Figure 2).

It doesn't stop there. Figures 1 and 2 together suggested to Professor Rips another experiment. Both figures have a vertical "angel" very close to a vertical "HHHHHHH" (7 heh's). Professor Rips therefore looked at all such vertical meetings with skips in between the above skips (between 3 and 246, exclusive). There are 12 such cases which have column skip 1 (i.e. no vertical spacing between letters; like Figures 1 and 2). Half of these cases meet with probabilities between 1:200 and 1:10, and collectively (via the Fisher statistic) this gives an outcome for all 12 cases in the experiment near 1:1,000 (on top of the above results in Figures 1 and 2).