"I am", "Hashem", "your G-d"
"I am", "Hashem", "your G-d"

Figure 11/11a combined the words for "Hashem" and "your G-d" into a single ELS. We could also search for these words separately (along with "I am"). This is the same as we did on the previous page when we treated "I shall be" as a separate ELS from "as" (Figure 10). Below is the result of treating each Hebrew word as a separate ELS (Figures 12 and 13):

Figure 12

Figure 13

Notice how compactly most of these words (today, see, I, Hashem, your G-d, blessing and curse) join with one or both of the original boxes containing the 3 starting key words.

* * * * *

Notes about the representations: (1) as usual, the Hebrew letter hey is modified for printing purposes [its stem is removed] so that if these pictures are printed and later discarded, these [horizontal] names of Hashem will not be discarded. (2) Since the Tetragrammaton is itself sometimes referred to as "Hashem", in Torah translations for example, we use the same designation. "Hashem" is actually the transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning "the Name".

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