Other Name codes discovered in early 2010
Other Name codes discovered in early 2010

The simplest of them all:

Hashem is often abbreviated with a single letter hey in holy writings, such as in our vast Torah commentaries. Here is a code with skip of only 3 which contains 7 such letters:

Figure 1

The text itself, without the code, gives 5 consecutive Hebrew words, all meaning G-d/Hashem. Perhaps this code is a kind of signature?

Notice that this verse concerns "Hashem your G-d". Let's see what else we find about "your G-d" [singular "your"].

A compact "ID card"?

Now that we have seen a password and a signature, let's look at some more intricate arrangements, which are like "ID cards". We start with the following.

Here is the most compact arrangement of "Your G-d" [singular "your"] surrounded by paired instances of the same 2 main Hebrew forms for "G-d" that we have been dealing with (the Tetragrammaton and "Elokim"):

Figure 2

The following gives amazing reinforcement of the above result, and with skip 26 (again! - see Figure 10 on the previous page), 26 being the gematria of the Tetragrammaton. The axis of this code is "Our G-d", in the most compact area with the same two names of G-d as above (Figure 3):

Figure 3


Hashem was, is and will be (expressed on two more ID cards):

Below is a code for "Hashem, my G-d" discovered by Professor Rips, with the timeless proclamation that He "was, is and will be" (from numerous sources, such as the poem read twice daily, "Adon Olam"):

Figure 4

The above code lead to another form of ID card with the same idea:

Figure 5

Notice the amazing diagonal symmetry of the highlighted letters. There is no possible configuration of Hebrew letters which contains more repetitions of the key words in a smaller area.

* * * * *

Notes about the representations: (1) as usual, the Hebrew letter hey is modified for printing purposes [its stem is removed] so that if these pictures are printed and later discarded, these [horizontal] names of Hashem will not be discarded. (2) Since the Tetragrammaton is itself sometimes referred to as "Hashem", in Torah translations for example, we use the same designation. "Hashem" is actually the transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning "the Name".

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