Additions to the code containing the Names
Additions to the code containing the Names

In Figure 3, we notice surprise 2 - that there is a palindrome (a string of letters reading the same forwards and backwards), extending from the ELS for G-d. It contains within it the word meaning "and My Name" forwards and backwards, which is used in this form only once in Torah - in our original verse, Exodus 6:3.

Figure 3

Surprise 3: we see that two words in one of the verses are echoed in the code in Figure 4 (we could translate these to "He, in His giving", which may or may not connect to our context, but the mere fact of such a long echoed string in the original code's vicinity is a rare event - on the order of 1:1000 in experiments that specifically look for this echoing phenomenon). And surprise 2 is dramatic to a similar order of magnitude.

Figure 4

We regard these surprises as indications that the original code was intentional - that is, we might think of them as "signs". In fact, we discover similarly dramatic surprise 4 - involving this word "sign". We see that each of our first three surprises is "labelled" with precisely positioned occurrences of "sign" - 5 occurrences all told (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Updates - May 6, 2008

I. Thanks to Rabbi Glazerson for pointing out two gematria (numerology) related connections - well-known within this field of study.

First, the first letters of the 3 Names of G-d that we started with form the acronym, aleph-yod-shin, which means "man". We see the double horizontal appearance of this word outlined in Figure 6, in black.

Second, the gematria for two of these Names sum to 112 (Elokim, 86, plus yod-key-vav-key, 26). The letters yod-beit-koof have the same gematria of 112, and are commonly linked to these Names (besides having important spiritual significance on their own, as they form the name of the river, the Yabbok, which Jacob crossed in Genesis 32:23; this was a spiritual journey during which Jacob acquired the name Israel). These 3 letters appear vertically, also outlined in black.

Figure 6

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