Instructions for viewing or downloading the videos:

Simply left-clicking on a video link causes it to "stream" to Windows Media Player on your computer for viewing. But if you have a dial-up connection, or if the site is busy, it can be slow, and it will probably have many delays while it "buffers" - I'm sorry to say. To ease this problem, you can download the files once (as described below), moving to other tasks while downloading.

Even with a high-speed connection, downloading is useful if you want to view these files more than once.

To download the video, click the RIGHT mouse button. Select "Save link as..." (Netscape) or "Save target as..." (Explorer), then select the directory where you want to place the video file. After it downloads, you can go to that directory (for example with windows explorer), and double click on the downloaded file at any time to view it.

To make things even simpler, when selecting the directory to download into, you can specify "Desktop". In that case, the downloaded videos will appear as clickable icons right on your desktop, so you won't need to search for them.