I am personally motivated simply by the desire to share what I've learned. The messages are universal, directed I believe at laymen and scientists, skeptics and believers, artists, mathematicians - and anyone with curiosity and perseverance.

Another goal of this site is to help navigate through the conflicting maze of facts and rumors presented by the media, the books, the laymen, the experts, and everyone in between.

I am also motivated by the words of encouragement from some widely respected rabbis of our era, here, to research this centuries-old tradition of a codes phenomenon.

Team effort

It has been my great privilege to work with Professor Eliyahu Rips, and so many talented researchers: Nachum Bombach, Harold Gans, Professor Robert M. Haralick, Dr. Alex Rotenberg, and many others (biographies here). When the best talents of these professionals are combined, stronger evidence invariably results. Professor Haralick's software and protocol design, Professor Rips' insights about code patterns, and Harold Gans' suggestions for new directions, are only a few examples. This site attempts to present the most compelling highlights of this collaboration.

I am also grateful to Aish HaTorah for introducing me to the subject, via their "Discovery Seminar" in late 1996.


Here I mention my own limitations in discussing certain kinds of questions.

It is important to know that a great many codes presented in books, on the web, etc, do not in any way conform to the verification and testing methods presented on this site (see especially this page). Any "information" implied by those codes (often agenda-driven) can therefore be completely false.

Individual hobbyists face the same problem - usually unaware of it.

Even more - even when we have a highly significant code - this code might be incomplete, and/or it might be misinterpreted.

Even great prophets who received messages directly from G-d have been prone to misunderstand.

If great prophets can be wrong about direct messages, then we are even more likely to misinterpret indirect hints from codes.

And yet no limitations

The above are of course human limitations. The code itself continues to display an intricacy and a subtlety that I believe come from a Place of no limitation.