Additional George Noory Tables
More surprises

Although I have been researching codes since 1997, I rarely focus in on a single individual. Having done so, and retrieving such relevant and significant hits, should not surprise me, but somehow each new set of results is as fresh and inspiring as the previous. Here are a few George Noory tables related to the one shown on the previous page.

First, here is actually the first table I found for George Noory:

Second, a valid, grammatically correct and highly relevant long phrase, sprang from the above find (thanks to Professor Rips):

Third, here is a simple table with his name, but in a now-familiar (though very rare) repeating 1D pattern near the vertical "backbone":

The vertical ELSs are the best pair meeting of the two names in all of Torah, where both names run in the same direction.

Taken together, the significance of this series is again not explainable by conventional thinking.


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