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Updates to the Twin Tower codes

In the realm of current events of our era, few have had the impact of the Twin Towers attack. The codes for this event are among the strongest we have seen, ranging from 1:10,000 to more than 1:1,000,000. Here is an example:

Video Overview

A clear video overview of the codes phenomenon, focusing on the Twin Towers attack, is here. This presentation shows why the Torah results are completely unexpected when compared to the random behavior measured in all other texts to date.

Progress since then

Since that video, there have been three reinforcing lines of research, one for each emphasized area (sentences, clusters and repetitions) as follows:

The sentence

Original paper describing the above bin Laden sentence.

Traduit en français (Translation to French) by Eric Blum.

Reinforcing research ("Component Analysis" and "Relevance Analysis", especially interesting to non-Hebrew speakers - browsing the supporting data is equally informative).

The main cluster

Original paper describing the Twin Towers cluster. (Taking our key words directly from the headlines from the September 12 edition of the Hebrew newspaper Maariv, we find a highly significant code cluster in the book of Numbers).

Reinforcing research: a greatly simplified protocol, using 1D, yielded an even more significant p-level (almost 1 in 2 million).

A visual display of this result is here.

In agreement with the mathematical result, the visual result is dramatically different from the expectation of more or less uniform distribution. Our cluster appears on slides 50 and 51, with very few ELSs appearing on the other slides.

The repetitions among the Twin Towers foundation codes

Original paper describing the repetitions.

Traduit en français (Translation to French) by Eric Blum.

Reinforcing research: The original method made use of estimation via the binomial distribution. The experiment has been rerun using the full axis-based protocol, resulting in a similar p-level (near 1:500,000).

There is a pattern here:

The pattern involves foundations and repetitions, as pictured in the paper above (on repetitions). This pattern of repeating codes, typically built upon foundation codes or near pointers, was firmly reinforced by the Twin Towers research (we had observed it often, for years, before that). We now see the same pattern within every major topic on this site.

Interpretations: we do not attempt to interpret the codes. For example, the idea of the Messiah taking revenge is ambiguous at best - the how and the when, etc. A few years after finding the bin Laden sentence, an additional string "will act on the dead" was found near "Messiah". Even this is ambiguous. But we do not need interpretations in order to demonstrate high levels of order in the codes.